It’s still hard for Atouah to speak about her oldest son’s death, it hasn’t even been a year. He was popular in the neighbourhood, and the children loved him. He had been a carpenter, until a stroke at the age of 29 left him with a paralyzed right arm and made the use of his right leg difficult. He couldn’t bear to stay at home all day and told his mother that he didn’t want to wear out her patience. Since then, he worked to bring in income for the family by selling cigarettes and other small items to families enjoying themselves on the beach near the hotels and restaurants, just a short way from their home. When the attack happened, they couldn’t find his body among the dead, and they couldn’t find him in the hospital either. Days passed before his body finally washed up out of the ocean. “There were no other physical injuries among our neighbors,” Atouah says, “but our souls are hurt.”


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