Making fence with recycled steel


Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. By incorporating sustainability into their brands, they can provide eco-friendly products that consumers can buy with a clear conscience. Revolve looks at three brands that repurpose the old to create something new.


“Many of my public works use recycled/reclaimed materials, transforming them into new contemporary forms connecting the past and future sustainably: recycle, re-use, reclaim, refurbish, restore, repurpose and revitalize. My goal is to use as much recycled materials as is possible within the limits of time and budget. I feel good using such materials and enjoy the search to find new and different ways to incorporate reclaimed elements into my art.”
– Bruce Taylor, artist

Images of “Art Fencing” in El Paso, Texas, USA

Source: Nickel

Source: Nickel

This project was part of the City of El Paso, Bataan Bridge Project. It used 100 feet of 6′-9’ high “Art Fencing” over a railroad bridge crossing. Many of the stainless steel elements were reclaimed from scrap yards and cut, arranged, welded and polished into a new vibrant work that conceptually conveys the surrounding land, rivers, cities, and means of transportation.

Source: Nickel

Source: Nickel

For more information, please visit the blog of Bruce Taylor


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