Writer: Stuart Reigeluth, Founder of Revolve Media

europe-at-nightEnergy will flow fluidly across transnational grids, tapping into decentralized hubs everywhere, that are both interconnected all along the way by the digital technology of things.

While the integration of the European energy systems is of paramount importance for the overarching project called ‘Europe’, geopolitically, the Old Continent is too small and too fragmented to be a global powerhouse, so each time the tandem of regionalism and decentralization surface as the means to involving citizens and consolidating the socio-political space of the European Union.

These two phenomena – regionalism and decentralization – were leitmotifs of the 17th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting (IPM) on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Tallinn on 29 September 2017 that took place propitiously in the wake of the EU energy ministers meetings in the Estonian capital the week before that advanced the redesigning of the electricity and transport markets.

Arguably, these two phenomena are adding to the irrevocable deterioration of national sovereignty: countries within different supra-regions are seeing the added value of coming together to cooperate around the sharing of energy; and at sub-national levels we see cities, neighbourhoods and communities coming together to create self-sufficient decentralized energy systems. […]

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