Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man.

A selection of images from this photo essay features
in the 2017 edition of the bilingual Arabic-English
Revolve Water Around the Mediterranean report


The Mediterranean region has many faces. Rich in history and blessed with a pleasant climate, the Med is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Over 220 million tourists flock to the Mediterranean beaches every year, putting great pressure on its natural scenery.

From 2010 until 2014, Belgian photographer Nick Hannes travelled back and forth along the Mediterranean shores, documenting various contemporary issues such as tourism, urbanization, borders and migration in 20 different countries that share the Middle Sea. While he was working on this project, the region continuously hit the headlines: crisis in Greece, the Arab Spring, stranded boats refugees, wars in Libya, Syria, and Gaza.

‘Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man’ is a kaleidoscopic documentary portrait of the region and the Zeitgeist, characterized by huge contrasts and crises of different kinds. These photographs juxtapose parallel realities, in order to put things in perspective. The enriching crossroads of cultures Bradford refers to in the quote above, has become a barrier nowadays.

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