Forest City Project 2018


Thanks to our 2017 partners, the Forest City Project took further steps in reconnecting urban habitats with forests: our exhibition was in the Cinquantenaire Park during the Brussels Environment Festival where we also partnered with UN Environment for the World Environment Day on 5 June (click here for the 2017 Impact Report).

Following the increased outreach of the public information campaign/exhibition to ‘reconnect with nature’ and the first Value for Wood Forum, we are expanding the concept to include:

  • An international photo exhibition featuring UNESCO Cultural Heritage forests in parallel to architectural designs integrating trees and timber for greater sustainability in buildings
  • A follow-up Forest City Forum addressing the challenges in developing cleaner cities and more sustainable urban habitats and habits on 21 March (UN International Day of Forests)
  • Interactive communication activities to engage citizens and local commerce, such as a public survey to understand the awareness and demands of citizens for cleaner cities
  • Spring 2018 (issue #26) of Revolve Magazine dedicated to discussing the major themes around advancing the value of nature in today’s society:

Spring 2016                           Spring2017

How is nature being integrated into the urban fabric of your city? How are trees adding value to your health? How clean is the air you breathe? How aware are you of plans to make your city ‘greener’ and cleaner? How are the incentives for taking public transportation for example? How accessible and how reliable is public transportation? How accessible is the nearest forest to you? How accessible is information about faraway forests… about deforestation, about reforestation… If you have answers, comments, ideas, please contact us today!



To participate in the Forest City Forum & Exhibition:
Michel Petillo  |  Tel: +32 2 318 39 84  |  Email:

For partnership opportunities:
Stuart Reigeluth |  Tel: +32 2 318 39 84  | Email:


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 Join us in 2018 and start revolving !





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