In the Spanish city of Osona, the Desendolla’t project encourages efficient energy management in schools through ICT technology and education. It brings together five target groups: students, teachers, caretakers, cleaning teams, and town council staff.

Desendolla’t was launched in 2012, when a benchmark of the energy cost of public schools against private ones – carried out by the Local Energy Agency – revealed that public schools were lagging far behind. The objective of the project is to improve energy efficiency of public schools’ buildings. What makes this project unique is stakeholder engagement. The project aims to educate students, teachers, caretakers and cleaning team in energy saving and efficiency, both in school and at home, through three types of action: decrease or eliminate passive electric consumption during the days off, optimize active electrical consumption during working days, and optimize the management of central heating systems.

First, public schools were selected and their energy consumption was analyzed. In a second phase, smart meters were installed and an analysis of passive electric consumption was carried out. During a six-month period the central heating system management was optimized. In the last phase of the project, tele-management systems were designed and installed in central heating of certain schools. In parallel to the technical part, workshops on better management techniques with caretakers, teachers and cleaning teams were organized during the first and second half of the year. The project was finalized with delivery of an educational kit to teachers.

ICT are powerful tools for energy management if constantly managed by energy managers
– Manel Romans, Vice President of the County Council of Osona

The results of two years of Desendolla’t project in 27 schools are measured by e-invoicing of energy supply, through an innovative, centralized e-invoicing monitoring system. From 20 schools enrolled in the school year 2012-2013, 7 more joined in 2013-2014. The project was implemented by 30 partners from public administration under the coordination of the County Council of Osona. The Desendolla’t project earned the city of Osona the 2015 Sustainable Energy Award of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

Discover the city’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan on the Covenant of Mayors website.

Writer: Floriane Cappelletti, Communication Manager at the Covenant of Mayors Office.

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