Dobrich is one of the first Bulgarian municipalities which joined the Covenant of Mayors, back in 2008. Its Sustainable Energy Action Plan was approved in 2010. In the framework of the Covenant of Mayors, Dobrich has committed to reach a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020.

The municipality is also one of the founders of the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network “EcoEnergy”, which has trained their officers and has enabled the participation in energy efficiency projects. Dobrich’s energy manager and its local energy agency are key in managing its sustainable energy activities.

In order to reduce energy and municipal maintenance costs, and to improve the comfort of living, the municipality engaged in the energy efficient refurbishment of five schools and two kindergartens back in 2010. The measure was implemented through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) within three months. The renovation process was coordinated by municipal technical experts, while the construction contractor was selected under public procurement law. The project was financed through the operational program for regional development. In total, more than €2.6 million were invested. During the project, a wide range of renovation measures was carried out, such as energy audits for each of the seven buildings, replacement of windows, insulation and repairing of roofs, heating and water draining systems.


Source: Covenant of Mayors

The project resulted in an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 1,180 tonnes and annual financial savings of over €135,000. In total 4,151 children, 360 teachers and 80 staff members benefited from the renovation and modernization of their schools and kindergartens.

In 2012, a new PV plant was built in Dobrich with the aim to boost local renewable energy production. The municipality hired a private energy company to implement this project. The PV plant, which was built on an area of 300 acres and features roughly 60,000 PV panels, is the biggest PV plant in the North-East region of Bulgaria. It has been running since June 2012 and is one of the green energy pillars of the municipality.

A good practice of public-private cooperation between the municipality and the private sector, which benefits the local economy by creating green jobs – Mayor of Dobrich Detelina Nikolova about the project.

Discover the city’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan on the Covenant of Mayors

Writer: Floriane Cappelletti, Communication Manager at the Covenant of Mayors Office.

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local and regional authorities voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives on their territory.