The CertifHy Project hosted an event on October 19th, 2016 in Brussels entitled ‘Implementing the 1st EU-wide Guarantees of Origin Scheme for Premium Hydrogen’ to present its work in the industry of Premium (low carbon) hydrogen. The forum covered issues such as defining “Green” or “Premium” hydrogen, the implementation of a GO (Guarantees of Origin) scheme, and implementation of new practices to allow the hydrogen industry greater recognition and growth within European energy markets.

Many speakers touched on issues related to specific challenges Hydrogen faces in the current economic and political environments of today. A pervasive topic of discourse was the classification and establishment of standards by which the hydrogen industry can communicate its value and potential in helping European nations meet their goals of the Horizon 2020 Agreement. These standards will be crucial in answering the needs of Europe’s multinational energy and transport markets, as well as for communicating Hydrogen’s value to the public and politicians in the European Parliament.

The industry still has many hurdles to overcome, but it is clear that they are developing tools which will help the world achieve a cleaner, greener future.

Learn about CertifHy on their website, and read more about the event here.